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Who Will Replace Elon Musk as Twitter’s CEO? Financial Speculator Sriram Krishnan Sees a Bright Future

The criticism Elon Musk has gotten in the months since he said he would buy Twitter for $44 billion dollars is consistent, unlike the ebb and flow of life. Since then, his popularity has plummeted, so he conducted a poll asking, “Should I stand down as head of Twitter?” Over 17 million people voted in the survey, and 57.5% of them thought he should resign. Musk says he will respect the findings. The methods he used to regulate material were among the targets of criticism.


Some potential successors are emerging should he follow through with his resignation and seek out someone “foolish enough to assume the position,” as he phrased it. Sriram Krishnan, a close friend of Musk’s who assisted in the monetisation of Twitter, is the frontrunner according to the bookmakers.

Other intriguing candidates, like as Jared Kushner, who was spotted with Elon at the World Cup Final, are, however, much less likely to earn the job. He is the son-in-law of Donald Trump and a former adviser to the US president. In jest, National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden threw his name into the ring. It’s safe to assume he won’t seize power because he’s currently living in exile in Russia after leaking secrets from American spy organizations.

Who Will Be Twitter’s Next CEO?

Sriram Krishnan+170
Jason Calacanis+250
David Sacks+250
David Marcus+1100
Sarah Friar+1600
Sheryl Sandberg+1600
Jack Dorsey+2000
Mike Schroepfer+3300
Jared Kushner+3300
Parag Agrawal+3500
Edward Snowden+10000

The aforementioned Sriram Krishnan, Jason Calacanis, a longstanding Musk acquaintance, and David Sacks, who was engaged at the founding of PayPal with Elon, are the three most obvious frontrunners to succeed Musk. David Marcus is the fourth option, at +1000, but he is a long way out from the first three.

Early Frontrunners for Next Twitter CEO

There are probably just three candidates left, with Sriram Krishnan being the most likely. He has managed product groups at Microsoft, Twitter, Yahoo!, Facebook, and Snap. Andreessen Horowitz is a startup capital business, and he has ties there, so he may be able to use those to advance Twitter’s crypto integration.

Calacanis wanted Musk to take over Twitter months ago, and now he wants to be CEO. After the acquisition was finalized, Musk requested Calacanis to join him as a strategic advisor. He is trusted by Musk and is seen as a reliable ally.

David Sacks and Jason Calacanis are so similar that they share identical odds. His background includes serving as Yammer’s chief executive officer, so he knows what it takes to manage a business. He is quite close to Musk because of their time spent together at OKbet Sports Betting Information.

Could Kushner Be a Darkhorse?

Given his current odds of +3300, Jared Kushner’s ascension to CEO would come as a major surprise. He and Musk were spotted together during the World Cup, but is that enough to land the CEO position at a billion-dollar firm?

Musk probably wouldn’t want to go down that route to stir additional resentment among Twitter users because of Kusher’s links to Saudi money and his position as a key advisor to President Trump, so the value isn’t there.

Best Bet to be Next Twitter CEO

With such low probabilities, the first three picks are essentially worthless. To +2000, please welcome Jack Dorsey. What’s to say that the Twitter co-founder won’t take the helm once again, given that he’s already done it twice? Despite his resignation little over a year ago, no one else is as qualified to lead the organization. Investors were concerned that he was giving Square, his previous employer, more attention than Twitter.

As the current CEO of Block, he does not have direct connections to Musk, but he has experience in the role. At +2000, his odds are fascinating and provide incredible value.

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